Death is under censorship but to add to drama or a story plot, we need a seperate policy for death. You must follow this policy for death.


  • Make sure your death is clean if the character is going to die in a story.
  • Cardiac arrest is an illegal way of death. The same goes with having a heart attack, having a seizure, having stroke, and having cancer.
    • It is biologically impossible for a penguin to have a seizure or a heart attack.
  • Lighting is legal. Keep it clean if you are choosing this option.
  • Head trauma is illegal. Pain is legal.
  • Explosives are illegal.
  • You can have characters die laughing. You must make sure they have lived a full life and are laughing because they are happy.
  • Getting squished is legal as long as no description is added.
  • Death by drowning or an accident by an automobile are legal. You must minimize the description if the character is drowning to die.
  • Getting eaten is legal. Penguins in the real world get eaten.
  • Try a coup for overthrowing a monarch or major figure and throw the monarch in a broom closet.
  • Banning is acceptable.
  • Suicide is illegal.
  • Genocide is banned for a cause of death.
  • Being blown up must not be intentional. It is acceptable.
  • Being poisoned is legal.


  • Keep the reappearence positive.
  • Resurrection is illegal as it is a religious reference.
  • Zombies and ghosts are legal.
    • Zombies can not be controlled. This is called "free will".


  • The soul is a sacred term and cannot be used.
  • Afterlife cannot be used as it a sacred term just like the soul.
  • Use common sense and the COC for this subject.
  • Horcruxes are not permitted. Memories are permitted.

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