This is the ultimate policy of the wiki.

Code of Conduct

  • No man shall be harmed or bullied.
  • All men shall know that administrators is the government of the wiki.
  • All men shall keep the wiki clean so it would be rated G to PG.
  • When a man is banned, you shall not vandalize their userpage.
  • No man shall own an article due to the fact it has your name on it.
  • All articles that shall be created must be checked. If the article shall be not appropriate, administrators shall be able to rewrite the article thus making it appropriate.
  • All men shall be free to edit your article.
  • You shall be able to edit the personality of an article if you came up with that article's idea.
    • For example: Good characters shall not become bad unless you edit it to make it like that and you have out of character (OOC) rights.
  • All men shall have the right to parody work by other people.
  • All men shall have the right to parody items as long as it's clean.
  • No man shall be able to take something from the real world and put it here non-parodied unless they are viewed as foreign enigmas.
    • It shall mean that no penguin shall be able to understand anything about it unless told by that article. Note that being told by that article shall be RP on a RP zone.
  • It shall be recommended to ask for permission before using a fellow man's article.
  • No man shall put taboo humor on the wiki as it is CENSORED.
  • No man shall use any profanity on this wiki.
  • No pornography should be written by a fellow man.
  • Violent articles shall not be on this wiki. Children could visit this wiki.
  • No man shall spam or vandalize.
  • All men on this wiki are not here to feel bad.
    • If someone shall die, follow the COC for death.
  • No religious references shall be on this wiki.
  • The "soul" shall be a sacred term and thus cannot be used on this wiki.
  • Drinking alcohol, smoking, illegal drugs, and medicine without a prescription shall be banned from this wiki.
  • Different English spelling, grammar, and vocabulary shall be respected by all men.
  • No man shall delete their articles if they quit unless it is 100% personal to the user. They must be given to a fellow man.
  • No men shall use "peng" as a prefix or a suffix. You shall use the first letter of the word "penguin" or the word "penguin" itself.
  • Only GIF, PNG, and SVG files shall be used for pictures unless your computer shall not be able to make them or photos taken are in JPG.
    • To make SVG files, you shall get the program called Inkscape.
  • Consistent nagging, blog posts, petitions, spam, and links to the Un-CP Wiki shall be banned.
  • Self-glorification shall be allowed but all men shall have the right to make it the subject of comedy and humiliate it.
  • CPW shall be allowed on this wiki.
    • CPFW shall also be allowed on this wiki.
  • You shall not impersonate a fellow man.

Official NCPFW System of Banning

This wiki has a system of banning for users that violated the ultimate policy of this wiki.

Wiki vandalism

  • IP vandals (inserting abuse, blanking pages, etc.)
    • 1st offense - A warning
    • 2nd offense - 1 week block
    • 3rd offense - 3 month block
    • Further offense - 1 year to infinite block
  • Registered vandals
    • 1st offense - A warning
    • 2nd offense - 2 week block
    • 3rd offense - 1 year block
    • Further offense - Infinite block
  • Problem IPs and users (personal attacks, making articles that do not follow the COC, etc.)
    • Offense - A warning
    • 5 warnings - 2 week block
    • 2 blocks - 3 month block
    • Further offence - Infinite block
  • Sockpuppets (multiple usernames/IPs/guises for the same vandal or blocked user)
    • Offenses - Variable
  • Hate mail
    • 1st offense - A warning to 3 day block
    • Further of offense - Infinite block

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