Jewel is Akbaboy's emerald puffle. He is very energetic and can make up to 10,000 copies of himself.


He was born to a family to a blue puffle and a yellow puffle. A malfunction in the birth caused the blue and the yellow puffle's color to combine into an emerald color. The family was poor and released him when he was only 3. He found his way into CP. Akbaboy found him and kept him as a pet.


Jewel spends his time playing Card-Jitsu Power with other trainers. He is the master of bug-type creatures. He got his type from his color. It wasn't green so he didn't choose grass. His color, emerald, resembled bug so he choosed bug.


  • He is wealthy now because he is a Card-Jitsu Power master and he is owned by Akbaboy, who is very rich.

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